Fat Elvis RecordsAfter a lifetime of never learning to play music himself, Sean Russell, the founder of Fat Elvis Records, decided the best way to make his stamp on the world of music would be to start releasing music on his own.

Sean had thought about releasing music for several years, only to put it on the backburner for several more. Eventually he found an exciting new band, and thought “If I don’t do this, I may never do it. Not only that, but someone else will!”  So he worked up the nerve to ask the band if they were interested. he then waited anxiously for their reply. Not only was he nervous about he idea they would turn him down, he was equally nervous they would say yes! The year was 2012, the band was The Blackfoot Gypsies, and the label name was Fat Elvis Records!

Since then, Fat Elvis Records has released music from several other artists of all genres.