FER-002 Reed Turchi

FER-002 Cover

Reed Turchi – When You’re Lost, It’s All A Sign 7″

Between serving as the front man for TURCHI and attempting to wear a wide range of hats, Reed’s solo work blends singer-songwriter narrative like that of Randy Newman with distorted slide and riffs like that of JJ Cale, always in search of new sounds. His debut solo release “When You’re Lost It’s All A Sign,” a 7″ out on Fat Elvis Records (Knoxville, TN) in early 2014, was entirely self written, recorded, and produced in his hometown of Asheville, North Carolina.


A: When You’re Lost It’s All Sign
B: Lover’s From Other Lives

Kudzu Green – 175 copies SOLD OUT!
Rhododendron Violet – 175 copies SOLD OUT!
Clear Tie Dye Variant – 100 copies SOLD OUT!

Green and Violet Records can be found at Devil Down Records.