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When I started Fat Elvis Records, I was unsure what I was getting into. I have found it to be a blast! Not only am I releasing music by some of my favorite bands, but I have met several other people who have their own labels that release music for the same reason I am.

I wanted to give these other labels some support, and help with promoting them. I created a short questionnaire, and sent it to several of my favorite labels. I am going to post these questionnaires each week. I hope you are able to discover some great music released by these other labels.

First up is Jett Plastic Recordings. “Detroit Records Made Better”
1. When did you start your label and why did you do it?
I started Jett Plastic Recordings in mid-September 2012, but plans had begun earlier that year. The label became ‘Jett Plastic Recordings’, and I  secured my first release; an After Dark Amusement Park 7″. I pressed it on black vinyl and blue vinyl at Archer Record Pressing in Detroit, MI. A few months later, I released full length album by Detroit punk legend Bootsey X. I started my label to share my music taste and Detroit music with people all around the world.

2. What format(s) do you release music on?
I normally release 7″ records, but I am currently prepping the release of two more full length albums (along with some singles, of course!). In the near future, the label will also experiment with flexi-discs and a cassette! 7″ records are my favorite because of their simplicity, but LP’s are fantastic too. I especially like live LP’s because of their ability to capture a band in their true form. Studio stuff is sometimes too pure for me! I appreciate the grit in music!


3. What has been your most successful release to date, or which release are you most proud of? 
Both releases have been extremely successful, and I am proud of them both. The colored versions of both records have all sold out, and I still listen to both on a regular basis. Getting the label started was difficult (because I’m only 15 and may be the youngest label owner in the Continental United States), but when it was under control it became exciting. Working with other labels on split releases is my favorite, because we can share/swap ideas with each other, along with bring new fans to each others labels!

4..Do you have specific tastes in the music you choose to release (i.e. genres, regions, etc.) or are you open to anything? If so, what is your preference(s)?
As far as music is concerned, I can appreciate it all. I believe that if somebody believes in their music so much to the point where they put out a copy of it on vinyl, it deserves to be heard. I can even listen to rap music, as I can appreciate the artistic moments in it. I think that JPR is mainly a Rock/Punk/Garage label, but that could change at any time.


5.  How do you go about finding new artists you are interested in releasing?
While beginning the label, I started talking to my friends in the music community and asked them if I could release their material. From there, I talked to some of my favorite Detroit bands and asked them to release something on my label. Most of them agreed, which was pretty cool of them to do since I’m a small Indie label. In the future, I’m hoping for more demo submissions. 😉

6. Anything in the works right now that you would like to share?
Right now I have three 7″ singles in the works, two of which many people will have heard of, which are also splits with other labels. The third release will be the first release by a Detroit band, but I’m not quite ready to share the news…Also coming are (hopefully) two live LPs, a flexi disc, and a cassette! 2014 is going to be my oyster!

7. Where do you see your record label going in the next five years? Ten years?
I’m going to keep releasing records as long as I can. It’s a lot of fun for me, and it lets me put out my favorite music on records. I love turning others on to my musical tastes, too. I can say now that JPR-100 will be released in 2020.

8. Where is the best place to find out more about your record label?
You can find out more about Jett Plastic Recordings at www.jettplasticrecordings.com! The label is also on Twitter (@jettplasticrecs), and you can email me at jettplasticrecordings@gmail.com!

9. What are some of your other favorite small record labels?
Some of my other small Independent labels are: Fat Elvis Records, Grimtale Records, Burger Records, Philthy Phonographic Records, Infinity Cat Recordings, Urinal Cake Records, and Italy Records.

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