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I have been quite overwhelmed with the responses with these questionnaires. I didn’t expect to get so many back! The response from the labels has been great, and the feedback I am getting from the fans is equally as great, so let’s keep it rolling….

This time it’s Philthy Phil’s Philthy Phonographic Records (What a fantastic name, say that 3 times really fast). Phil has a few great releases in a short time, and shows no signs of letting up anytime soon.

1. When did you start your label and why did you do it?

I started Philthy Phonographic Records in the summer of 2013 on a whim, but had been thinking about it for about a year prior. I have liked records ever since I was a child. My brother and I got a record player for Christmas and in our playroom used to spin records regularly. We used it so much that we eventually had to get another record player for Christmas. I even have a birthday song that is on a flexi-disc of all things that my father has played for me every birthday and still does to this day. Records have always been a big part of my life, so I wanted to contribute to making them a part of other people’s lives.

2. What format(s) do you release music on?

So far I have released 3 flexi-discs and I have done a lathe cut record that wasn’t released to the public. My next thing up is PHIL004 which will be a true vinyl release with all the bells and whistles. I’d love to do a 78 rpm record, an LP, a cassette, reel-to-reel, maybe a cylinder… I want to try releasing anything and everything. Things that are playable and things that may just be collectible.

Conspiracy of Owls Flexi

3. What has been your most successful release to date, or which release are you most proud of?

I am very proud of the cover for the Conspiracy of Owls release. It is a picture I took of my son listening to records at Burger Records. The cover looks timeless and has a great filter on it to also make the viewer think that as well. Burger’s vintage headphones only add to the illusion (what is funny is that I have a photo of my daughter as a bumblebee on Halloween a few years back at Burger that is almost identical… I’m trying to figure out how to use it too).

I also love the test pressing cover that my son did for the Apple Brains release. He is 6 years old. The covers are very DIY and at the same time it was just fun. His ideas mixed with mine was just great. I can’t believe how well the Velvet Underground tribute cover came out. And the Apple Computers one is just cool. My favorite part of the handmade covers was how interested everyone was in them… and everyone had their own favorite. That is what made it successful.

My favorite song to this point is the newest release, which is the Gap Dream Flexi. The song is hypnotizing. I mean it is only the instrumental version of a B-side from the Burger 7 inch, but without the lyrics something happens, you know? It becomes a completely different song. You hear things you don’t on the regular release. I love it and have to thank Gabe for being interested in getting this song out there.

4. Do you have specific tastes in the music you choose to release (i.e. genres, regions, etc) or are you open to anything? If so, what is your preference(s)?

So far I have released stuff I like, but I am open to almost anything. I have a couple of artists that I am trying to release music with but would really like to put anything and everything out that is good. Good music needs to get out there. I love all kinds of music… from Bach to Thee Oh Sees and back again. But I also just love fun (just check out Apple Brains)! Music needs to be fun and exciting.

Apple Brains Flexi

5. How do you go about finding new artists you are interested in releasing? Demos, Facebook, Soundcloud, friends?

My first way of going after artists was via email. I would email them asking if they had any unreleased tracks they would be interested in putting out. I emailed until someone emailed back. I still do this. I have had a few bands send me songs via email as well, but I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and listen to them yet.

6. Anything in the works right now that you would like to share?

PHIL004 is going to be epic. With the quality of releases coming out from our small circle of independent labels I felt I needed to kick it up. The cover is beautiful and I have the HD version ready to go to print. It is by a Mexican artist named Ernesto Muniz who is very popular and continuing to gain notoriety. He sent me another image I will be using as an insert. The release will be another split with Burger Records (my buddies) and should help narrow down the artist for those interested in guessing. It’ll be an edition of 500 seven inch records (300 black and some surprises I dare not speak of yet).

I also might be doing some work with other labels (not telling yet… sorry) and there are a couple of bands who have recently contacted me about doing a flexi-disc.

7. Where do you see your record label going in the next five years? Ten years?

At the moment I seem to be known as the guy that does flexis which is fine. They are fun. Might not be for the audiophile but flexis have a long history. They were originally used to pass around illegal, underground music. That is cool.

I just want to continue putting out records. I like records. But it is definitely a “gentlemen’s hobby.” I work, have a family, and am currently doing 10 other things at the same time as Philthy Phonographic Records.

8. Where is the best place to find out more about your record label (Facebook, Twitter, website, etc)?

http://philthyphonographic.blogspot.com/ is my blogspot where you can find updates and buy records.

Facebook is where I regularly post musical things happening in my world.

I have twitter as well but don’t use it even close to as much.

Gap Dream Flexi

9. What are some of your other favorite small record labels?

Love Burger Records, Grimtale has pushed record collecting to a new level, Jett Plastic Recordings… I mean it’s run by 15 year old Jarrett… how cool is that!, Fat Elvis might have the coolest name and inspired me to do some very hands-on covers, Shed House inspired me to do some funky vinyl (wait for PHIL004) and I wished I could have bought those BADASS Natural Child insanity vinyl records, Infinity Cat Records, love Larry Hardy and In the Red (though it’s hard to call him small nowadays), Castle Face Records, Goodbye Boozy, love Trouble in Mind, Suicide Squeeze, HOZAC, Goner Records are the best, Hardly Art, Art Fag… I’m sure I’m forgetting a label I love because there are so many…sorry.


10. Anything else you would like to add?

Release something new Fat Elvis so I can buy it.
ed. – Soon! I promise!

Oh… I really want more LIKES on Facebook so tell all your friends.

Readers… send all your rare records my way. I will promise to give them a good home.

Ummm… what else. I took the photos for my first 3 covers and am thinking about moonlighting as a rock and roll photographer.

What else… I have my very own button maker… anyone want to make buttons? Contact me.

Did I say “I like records!”

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