Press and radio play for Had Enough Blues

A few websites have posted reviews of the Cheval Sombre record recently.

“Drifting back from his nocturnal wanderings, Cheval Sombre has floated in with a very limited edition single from his shimmering side of the great beyond, a blissful and emotional set of songs that play out nicely against the backdrop of a fading orange setting sun.” – It’s Psychedelic Baby!

“Part protest and part experimentation, Chevel Sombre’s Had Enough Blues/Hitch A Ride is a strong contender as one of my favorite releases of 2018 so far.” – Bearded Gentlemen Music

“Oh my, you know how we’ve always dispatched releases by Cheval Sombre with an assortment of key words such as fragile, ghost like, spectral, wounded and bruised, well let’s just say he’s outdone himself on this occasion with two slabs of stop you in the tracks jaw dropped majestic cool.” –  The Sunday Experience

Also, the B-side of the record , Hitch A Ride, debuted on Australian radio this evening. You can listen to the archive of Sideways Through Sound and catch the track around the 19 minute mark. Thank you Mark Ward!

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