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FER-004 Fantastic Negrito

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Fantastic Negrito

Fantastic Negrito’s story is a rollercoaster of soaring highs and belly scraping lows from walking away from a multi-million dollar recording contract with one of the biggest labels in the music business, to being in a four week long coma after to a near-death car accident, and the excitement of unexpected self-discovery upon becoming a family man. His artistic death and rebirth are both remarkably reflected upon in his EP “Lost In A Crowd”. The songs presented here boast the foot stomping beat of the seediest blues clubs, piano riffs of your favorite soul records, along with a vocal delivery of an artist who has seen the best and worst of the music industry. Piano, guitar, bass, percussion and vocals are presented with a seasoned honesty that’s missing from a lot of today’s mainstream acts, the kind of honesty that is only found in the soul of an artist who has weathered the storm and lived to tell about it. Fantastic Negrito understands the link between artistry and entertainment and how it can’t be shaped and formed by mainstream trends, but from the heart and soul of the artist. That perspective makes “Lost In A Crowd” a road map of blues, rock, and soul, driven by the authenticity of passion and warfare.

A: Lost In A Crowd
B: An Honest Man

3 unique limited edition versions:

Creamsicle Orange Vinyl175 copiesSOLD OUT!
Cherry Red Vinyl175 copies SOLD OUT!
Blown Glass Variant w/ Hand Screened Metallic Cover100 copies  SOLD OUT!