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Fat Elvis Records Supports….Soul Step Records

I first discovered Soul Step Records through North Carolina band Holy Ghost Tent Revival. After that, I found their Matt Duncan Fortune Teller Vinyl release which still amazes me. You have to see it to believe it!

Fat  Elvis Records Proudly Supports….Soul Step Records!

1. When did you start your label and why did you do it?

I started the label in 2012 when I had found most of my “white whale” vinyl. I started to dig and dig and find less and less. I decided that it was time to move beyond buying vinyl and start making vinyl. I then came up with a crazy business plan where I could support these artists who need our service.

2. What format(s) do you release music on?

Vinyl. Only Vinyl.

Matt Duncan
Soft TImes
Soul Step Records

3. What has been your most successful release to date, or which release are you most proud of?

Well, I’m like a father and I could never pick between any of these releases because they all hold a special place in my heart. However our most successful release was the Matt Duncan record. Having the famous artist Robert Beatty do the artwork, having the Fortune Teller Vinyl and add in great sales – it’s by far the most successful we’ve had.

4. Do you have specific tastes in the music you choose to release (i.e. genres, regions, etc) or are you open to anything? If so, what is your preference(s)?

I’m open to anything but I’ll admit I’m weak for a soul record.

5. How do you go about finding new artists you are interested in releasing? Demos, Facebook, Soundcloud, friends?

It’s a bit of everything. Sometimes they find me, sometimes I find them. I’m hoping one day I’ll never have to hunt because we’re so well-known. But until then I’ll be digging.

Holy Ghost Tent Revival
So Long I Screamed
Soul Step Records

6. Anything in the works right now that you would like to share?

Right now we have Nashville-based MODOC coming out in December. The rest is still in the baby stages.

7. Where do you see your record label going in the next five years? Ten years?

I would want the label to become self-sufficient. We still fight for every sale and for every person’s awareness of us. I’m not focused on the big picture – rather just focusing on one release to the next.

8. Where is the best place to find out more about your record label (Facebook, Twitter, website, etc)?

Soul Step Records

We have all of these!

We can be found everywhere it seems!

9. What are some of your other favorite small record labels?

I’m not sure if all of these are small, but I would say Microfische, Hop Hop, Numero Group, Secret Stash, Cultures of Soul, Third Man, Truth & Soul, Daptone, Dunham.

10. Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for taking the time for us. We’re happy to be part of the Vinyl game and we hope through our biz we can support independent artists and push the vinyl medium forward!